Vivian’s Consignment Boutique

Vivian’s Consignment Boutique

The Vivian’s Consignment Boutique is presented by The Vivian Lyons Williams Arts & Fashion Scholarship Fund and Great Things Consignment, a subsidiary of Friendship Baptist Church-Charlotte. Remember when Uptown Charlotte was known for its Overstreet mall connecting retail Hubs, like Ivey’s and Belk’s. The Charlotte Plaza, which was also part of the Overstreet mall, was known for The Tower Club at the top floor. There you would see a Who’s Who of Charlotte, prominent business and philanthropic leaders would meet there over lunch or a formal dinner.


There was a Wachovia Bank Branch in the lobby, where Titus Ivory Sr was the branch manager. This is the building, where Vivian decided to open a high-end evening garment boutique. You could find elegant evening dresses, jewelry and hats from the rarest minority designers, based out of the New York Garment District. Her and her shop manager, Joyce Brayboy, created novel, extravagant fashion shows, where the models would saunter through the Overstreet Breezeways that connected the buildings. She would announce the models and fashions, using words like elegant, wonderful, extravagant, amazing, brilliant, phenomenal, stylish, etc.


Our consignment boutique is a mix of her personal collection and classic boutique pieces. The proceeds will be directed to the Scholarship Fund and The Sister’s House, a charity sponsored by Great Things and Friendship Baptist Church.

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